Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Information

Need the right regulation support for operating in the Great White North? Worldwide Supply has you covered with a variety of information from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Information, or CCOHS.

The CCOHS is an independent department that provides a variety of information and documentation to guide safe operations and support in the country. We carry the Canadian Electrical Code, which sets the standard for electrical installations in PDF format and can help you secure other CCOHS documents that you might need.

If you’re starting in the U.S., think of the CCOHS as a kind of OSHA, with a variety of safety and healthy workplace regulations, worker’s comp requirements and more. The group is designed to promote the benefit and well-being of workers, so you’ll find some rules covering your office and remote sites as well as activities at customer locations.

Broader Customer Support

At Worldwide Supply, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality customer experiences and service. To assist you, we’ve started working with CCOHS and other bodies to provide access to the most important documents for your work. We want to support you at every turn, so we invite you to let us know what would be helpful, where you have questions, or what is good to have when you acquire a new piece of networking equipment.

Our mission is to maintain our 99.9% customer satisfaction rating. To do that, we need to know what you need. Our experts are ready and willing to help, so contact us today to ask your CCOHS-related and other questions.