Refurbished CAC Networking Equipment Right for You

Top-tier equipment never goes down without a fight. That’s the best way to describe the powerful machines from Carrier Access Corporation, acquired by Force10 Networks back in 2007. It’s now part of the Dell Networking brand. CAC’s options aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

CAC is a designer and manufacturer of broadband access equipment for both wireless and wireline carriers, including satellite options designed for indoor and outdoor applications. Transport voice, video and data between cell sites and regional switching offices with its leading solutions. Plenty of used and refurbished CAC gear is also still in use as a backbone for FCC-mandated E911 services.

A Complete Engineered Solution

One core benefit we see to CAC equipment and solutions is the company’s continued growth in services that align network equipment with business-growth objectives and designs. It pairs PON technology for wire-speed Ethernet, T1, voice and video services with configuration management tools and third-party patch support to protect the entire network.

In recent years it has grown to focus on the entire lifecycle of its equipment and the networks they power.

Worldwide Supply ensures you get access to these same management and configuration specializations while saving significantly by offering a variety of used and refurbished CAC options. Save up to 80 percent off original OEM pricing, get reliability with every purchase and still rely on CAC solutions to maximize manageability, scalability, network performance and even the performance of your techs.

Call in service trucks less often when you choose used CAC networking equipment from Worldwide Supply.