Choose Used BTI Systems for Reliable Networking Equipment

BTI Photonics Systems, now just BTI Systems, is a top provider of optical edge networking solutions for service providers. The company shifted its branding to let carriers and network operators know that it can combine optical, SONET and Ethernet solutions into one platform to try and serve a broader set of needs across a fiber infrastructure. Recent advancements for the company also include a focus on packet-optical networking equipment, micro-MDW and other tools aiming to lighten the load of bandwidth-intense operations.

One interesting note about a majority of products and services from BTI Photonics is that they’re available through suppliers outside of the company itself. Much of the branding and interaction won’t be done directly with BTI. That can often mean you create a relationship with one party and then have to go through them for service and support, which may then move through their partners and so on.

Worldwide Supply aims to cut out the middlemen by giving you direct access to used and refurbished BTI Photonics equipment as well as access to our in-house experts who can review equipment, make repairs, test, certify and maintain all the gear on your network. They’re available to keep your network running or minimize downtime in the event of an emergency.

We offer our own brand of maintenance and service solutions that work across used BTI Photonics equipment and legacy lines from dozens of other OEMs. Use the selection below to browse our available refurbished BTI Photonics options and then contact us for more information about how you can save now and on future maintenance needs.