Network Support Options From BASF

BASF is the largest chemical producer in the world. The German brand might seem like a strange partner for Worldwide Supply, but we think it’s the perfect one. The company provides a variety of chemical cleaning solutions that are designed for networking and data storage equipment. Always read the label, but you can feel safe knowing you’ve found a smart and useful option.

Please note that the chemical nature of these products prevents us from providing our standard used BASF and refurbished BASF options.


There are many chemical and cleaning supply companies available. We’ve chosen to stock the products from BASF to provide you with the highest-quality options that are reliable for long-term use.

BASF has operations in more than 80 countries and makes its products in nearly 400 different locations. This availability pairs well with Worldwide Supply’s global supply network, too. Robust partners support our mission to get equipment and products to customers as quickly as possible. It ensures we can reach most customers around the globe within a few days.

BASF also launched its own consumer electronics line in the 1990s. While these electronics have not yet gained broad adoption, it provides experience in the space that we think is beneficial for the company and its efforts in the telecom and networking industries.

Our first option is the BASF 4mm Cleaning Cartridge tape perfect for your digital data storage. Keep equipment running smoothly with regular cleanings. These tapes make it simple to protect your data and the next read or write.

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