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Barco is a Belgian manufacturer and technology developer for visualization and collaboration solutions of networking equipment, wireless systems, video walls and other products for companies across the globe.  It specializes in the equipment you need to create, display and share information across a wide range of mediums and solutions. The company — whose name stands for Belgian American Radio Corporation — was founded in 1934. In the 1940s and 1950s, Barco became a leader in television technology, developing the cathode ray tube projection system, releasing one of the first multi-standard TV sets, and was even one of the first European brands to introduce a color TV to the market.

Over time, Barco expanded its operations into LCD and LED displays, support for DLP technologies and even some newer LCoS solutions. Today, it is active in a wide range of markets, providing A/V and imaging technology for the entertainment industry, corporate board rooms and control rooms, displays and support equipment to offer 3D, AR and VR solutions, and diagnostic and surgical imaging providers. Sustainability remains a key focus — reducing the company’s impact on people and the planet across the supply chain is an integral part of its overall corporate strategy.

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Choose the wireless connectors, secure displays, smart receivers, modulators, satellite support equipment and more from Barco using the buttons below. We provide access to leading options as well as older used items for legacy networks. All used material we offer is fully repaired and refurbished, meeting original OEM standards.

Every product we sell, including new and used Barco solutions, is backed by a lifetime warranty. You also get access to award-winning customer service and support, parts management, rapid-delivery and maintenance options. Expand protection to your entire network with our NetGuard maintenance package. It’s an OEM-neutral package that covers dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of their product families in a single license. You get streamlined support and often can save 50% to 70% off your existing repair and maintenance packages.

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