Choose Avago, Now Broadcom Limited

Avago is a developer of analog and digital semiconductor equipment that serves a variety of markets, including wireless communication, enterprise storage, industrial solutions and wired networking. You’ll see plenty of Avago-branded equipment in leading public and private networks around the world.

Avago was one of the larger companies we stock. It was big enough to buy Broadcom in 2016 and then took on the name to become Broadcom Limited after the acquisition to capitalize on the new name. Avago still produces the same semiconductor tools you’re familiar with and is finding more homes in data centers and even home connectivity options thanks to its Broadcom solution.

Build a Stronger Network With Used Avago Equipment

Worldwide Supply has a broad selection of used Avago equipment, including many like-new models and refurbished Avago semiconductors, all designed to enhance network strength. These tools can be used to scale your cloud network, push toward a 5G-compatible solution or provide better broadband access solutions to your entire footprint.

Choose from a selection of fully functional and top-level refurbished Avago equipment explicitly designed for fiber optic solutions as well as cable broadband. We even have options available that support digital subscriber line services, passive optical networking, set-top box solutions and cable modem tools.

We believe that even older used Avago equipment is a smart choice for growing networks. This is because the combined company under the Broadcom name will be a leader in wired and wireless solutions for years to come. Your gear will have a significantly higher chance of being compatible with new equipment in the future, and you can save big by choosing from new and refurbished Avago equipment below.