Buy New and Used Autec Power Solutions

Autec Power Systems was founded in 1989 and is a U.S. provider of power solutions for high efficiency demands. You can buy many of these solutions outright or choose a separate OEM product that integrates an Autec power unit directly. That means you can buy them for use directly or work with Worldwide Supply for parts, spares, replacement and maintenance under many different OEMs and product families.

The company has a range of new power products and legacy power solutions that are still commonly used in networks around the world. To assist you with what you need, we offer a variety of refurbished Autec options to keep you running. This means legacy gear can still be supported for years to come when it makes the most sense for any given deployment.

Recent expansions for the company include specialty power equipment that comes with high demand or needs enhanced security to meet different industry and regulatory burdens.

Get Refurbished Autect Options Now

Worldwide Supply offers both new and used Autec Power Systems equipment to give your network and equipment the proper power that it needs. DC power supplies are available to meet increased demands while open frame power supplies ensure you’ve got the right configurable outputs to match each location.

We’ll work with you on refurbished options, too, providing reliable and tested quality at significant savings. You’ll save up to 80% off OEM pricing when you choose any of our refurbished options, and our experts are available every day to assist you with making the right selection.