Aurora Networks

Leading Aurora Networks Equipment: New and Used

Aurora Networks is now a part of ARRIS International but still provides next-gen optical transport and access systems for broadband networks. Refurbished Aurora Networks gear is still primed for the convergence of video, voice and data applications with a big push toward building out better access networks.

Aurora Networks is known for its design, development and manufacture of a wide assortment of hub and headend products, including:

  • Chassis and powering products
  • Combiners and optical switches
  • Data services equipment
  • Digital transport equipment
  • Element management equipment
  • Optical passives
  • Receivers and amplifiers
  • Transmitters
  • Universal services multiplexers
  • And more

You can find a package that helps you manage optical transport across your entire broadband network, with options to improve capacity, service and flexibility. The company’s equipment was a leading player for years and is believed to have played a role in its initial acquisition by Pace in January 2014, as well as the subsequent decision for ARRIS to purchase Pace.

Optical Nodes

Today, there is a variety of new and used Aurora-branded nodes from ARRIS, including second-generation fiber platforms optimized for state-of-the-art Fiber Deep — HFC Node+0 — architectures that can serve up to 200 homes passed per node.

Worldwide Supply carries these and many other segmentable nodes that make it easier for you to reach tens of thousands of miles’ worth of homes and customers. You can save big on these nodes and other equipment by selecting used or refurbished Aurora Networks equipment, offered at significant savings compared to OEM pricing.

Plus, you can use our leading warranty and repair service designed to keep your network up and running. We work on equipment from every OEM, so your used Aurora gear is in good hands with a NetGuard system that protects it and hundreds of other product families you use.

Knowledgeable Technical Support and a Lifetime Warranty Included at No Extra Cost

At Worldwide Supply, we appreciate that controlling the cost of ownership of your equipment is one aspect of successfully doing business. When you purchase hardware — including used Aurora Networks devices — you need it to function like new from the moment you install it. That’s why our team of technical experts thoroughly inspects and tests all of the equipment we offer.

In addition, we provide free assistance from our knowledgeable technical support team whenever you need it — from delivery through installation and onward. And to further put your mind at ease when you buy used or refurbished equipment from Worldwide Supply, we provide a lifetime warranty on all of the Aurora Network products and hardware we offer — at no additional cost to you.

Cash in on Your Old Network Equipment

When you’re upgrading your infrastructure, what do you do with your old network equipment? If you’d like to make the most of your old hardware, consider selling it to us. At Worldwide Supply, we’ll offer you a fair price, and you can take it in cash or apply the dollar amount to a trade-in for the products you’d like to purchase from our extensive inventory.

When you’re ready to save substantially without sacrificing performance, check out our full line of refurbished Aurora Networks equipment. For more information, request a quote or call us directly at 888.328.2266.

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