Augut Communications

Augat, acquired by TE Connectivity Ltd. in 2000, manufactured interconnect products for the telecommunications industry. Today, their products connect cable television companies’ high volume fiber-optic lines to the low volume coaxial cables that bring the signal to the customer’s home.

At Worldwide Supply, we have a variety of refurbished Augat products that work like new with competitive prices. Our most popular used Augat equipment is a 750 MHz line extending amplifier, which allows you to extend your bandwidth while maintaining ideal amplifier spacing. We also have other Augat products to meet your needs.

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Worldwide Supply is your go-to supplier for Augat equipment and products from other leading manufacturers. We have a large selection at cost-effective prices to make it easy to get everything you need. Your product will come with our standard lifetime warranty, and we can deliver it quickly with next business day shipping, so you can get your refurbished Augat product right away.

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