To gain a competitive edge in today’s market, businesses and subscriber networks need high-performing equipment and leaders with exceptional telecom experience. With new and refurbished ATX products from Worldwide Supply and our variety of third-party support opportunities, you’ll be able to keep your network up to standards while maintaining a reasonable budget.

ATX is an international leader in the development of smart networking solutions for businesses and service providers. This company manufactures video and audio management equipment, access platforms, multiplexing solutions and more for multi-media applications. Our inventory includes multiple pieces of equipment from major ATX product lines. 

Multi-Media Flexibility With Pre-Owned ATX Equipment

ATX access networking and media distribution products are known for their flexibility and efficiency in high-demand commercial networks. At Worldwide Supply, we offer refurbished ATX multiplexers, splitters and combiners, all of which are designed to help you better manage and control signals within your system. Our OEM equipment makes networking operations simpler and more cost-effective so you can expand reach and keep up with the evolution of industry demands. 

ATX multi-channel solutions help compatible systems establish more reliable connections by increasing energy-efficiency, boosting output speed and simplifying stream transport. Any of these products could function well as a replacement or upgrade for your existing ATX network. 

Choose Cost-Effective OEM Solutions From Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply provides the opportunity to enhance your network with high-quality ATX equipment for up to 80% off the original price. Between the lower initial costs and the increased operational efficiency, you’ll be able to reduce overall technology expenses. We’ll also help you save with our spare parts, repair services, ongoing maintenance and remote technical support programs.

Our team also accepts and refurbishes used ATX equipment from our customers, so you can sell us your old networking system components for a high-value price. If you’re interested in trading equipment, we have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Request a Quote for New and Used ATX Products

Let us help you maximize the strength of your ATX network. Contact us today or request a quote online, and we’ll help you find the ideal ATX solution.