ASUS Monitors, Routers and More

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of ASUS networking gear designed to help you grow your network affordably and reliably, no matter the demands of your customers.

ASUS is a Taiwan-based computer hardware and electronics company that was founded in 1989. The company has grown significantly since its creation to be a leading force in the computing and telecom space. It is currently recognized as the leading motherboard brand and one of the most popular laptop vendors in the world.

ASUS earned nearly $13.3 billion in revenue in 2016 and had expanded its operations to support a variety of next-gen technologies, putting it on a direct intercept course for the telecommunications and data center space.

New and Used ASUS Hardware

Worldwide Supply has expanded our selection of ASUS equipment to include a range of wireless Gigabit routers, displays, touchscreen protection devices, docking stations and more. These tools are used by many different companies and their customers to keep equipment safe and their connections secure.

When you’re preparing customer sites or your location to have high-quality signals and Internet access, ASUS provides a variety of robust routers to get the job done. Worldwide Supply makes the process more affordable by giving you access to refurbished ASUS units that have the same quality and reliability as new.

We repair any concerns and bring each item back up to like-new status, then back it with a lifetime warranty, to help you save as much as 80% off original OEM pricing. With custom NetGuard maintenance coverage and more, Worldwide Supply can help you save significantly on your next ASUS purchase.