Fiber optics transport digital information in the form of a light signal across a long distance. These cables are bundled together as an optical cable, which is protected in a jacket. Worldwide Supply sells used AMP products that are ideal for your fiber optic system. Our equipment is refurbished yet provides the performance you would expect from a new device. Plus, we offer cost-effective prices so you can stay on budget.

Refurbished AMP Fire Optic Enclosures

One of the products in our AMP inventory is a fiber optic shelf. This shelf is an enclosure that contains devices that are connected to fiber optic cables. It has a fixed front panel to mount adapters with cutouts for cables. The panel has adapter plates to identify the connectors. On the inside of the enclosure are fiber saddle rings and cable clamp brackets. The rings support and route the sensitive cables in the enclosure, and the brackets secure the cable to the enclosure.

Why Partner With Worldwide Supply?

Worldwide Supply has the products you need for your fiber optic technology solution. Our customers benefit from like-new equipment at an affordable price as well as:

  • Standard warranty protection
  • Extensive product inventory
  • Next business day shipping
  • 24/7 remote technical support
  • Configuration support and system design

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