Business servers and essential computer systems often need a redundant power supply to ensure that they have power at all times. A redundant power supply also minimizes the likeliness of shutdown or failure. This equipment contains power supply units to run a computer system — one unit runs at a time, and the other will start running if the first unit experiences failure. When these units switch, the computers will not be affected.

Some businesses must have a computer system operating at all times. That’s why Worldwide Supply has refurbished Advantech redundant power supply units that will meet your needs. The products from this industry-leading brand will perform like a new system at a lower price.

Benefits of Used Advantech Products From Worldwide Supply

At Worldwide Supply, we have the Advantech IPC 622 quad system redundant power supply. Its features include:

  • Supports mini redundant power supply up to 750 W
  • 6U rackmount to support four multisystems
  • Up to four sets of dual USB ports in front
  • Backplane options for up to 20 slots
  • Four reserved nine-pin D sub rear panel openings
  • A lockable front door to prevent unauthorized access
  • Audible alarms and LED indicators for system faults
  • Operating temperature from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit

You can rely on this used Advantech system to keep your computers running at all times.

Request a Quote for Your Refurbished Advantech Equipment Today

Worldwide Supply has all of the used Advantech products you need. We do everything we can to meet all of your needs. Besides cost savings, the other advantages you will gain when your order your equipment from us include:

  • Warranty protection: All of our products come with a standard lifetime warranty at no extra cost.
  • Support: We offer 24/7 remote technical support to help resolve your issues.
  • Inventory variety: Worldwide Supply has a large inventory of products that are ready to ship.

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