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ADVA Optical Networking is a European telecom vendor that creates networking equipment focused on legacy platforms and next-gen voice, data and video services. It’s most famous for its Fiber Service Platform that’s used by more than 10,000 enterprises and by over 250 carriers.

ADVA Optical is currently focused on scalable optical transport as well as packet edge tools and deep network virtualization to help carriers expand and reach precision targets with effective tools and systems.

MSOs can use refurbished ADVA Optical equipment to help extend their fiber closer to customers and increase per-user capacity thanks to hybrid fiber-coaxial networks and DAA on standard Ethernet connections. You can cast out RF and rely on these used ADVA Optical devices to cut out distance limitations in traditional or older deployments.

Undoubtedly, with the latest refurbished ADVA Optical networking equipment, you can be better prepared for the exciting developments of 5G, IoT and cloud services. And by bringing this kind of technical strength and potential to your enterprise — at an affordable price — you can position yourself to meet your customers’ needs well into the future.

HFC Management and Used ADVA Optical Gear

HFC networks still rely on QAM signals from headend to cable modem, but analog RF signals can be significantly limiting. The switch to carrier Ethernet connectivity as well as new standards can reduce these issues and improve scale as companies grow.

If you’re in this situation, we offer a variety of refurbished ADVA Optical tools to allow MSOs to adopt modern synchronization and precision timing to ease scaling and reduce network burden for a more efficient and cost-effective network.

ADVA Optical equipment can help you remove the architectural limitations of the past, and Worldwide Supply wants to ensure that it is affordable for you. We provide assistance to MSOs to secure the right used ADVA Optical modules and systems that digitize fiber and combine it with DWDM.

Advantages of Used and Refurbished ADVA Optical Networking Equipment

When you purchase pre-owned ADVA Optical networking equipment from Worldwide Supply, you can count on it being more than a prudent financial decision. Inspected and certified by our expert engineering team to perform like new, all of our used ADVA Optical networking equipment will allow you to:

  • Shop dozens of the latest pieces of ADVA Optical networking equipment from our one-stop, easy-to-navigate online store
  • Be ready for tomorrow’s challenges with equipment purposely designed to be scalable and effective well into the future
  • Look forward to savings of up to 80% compared to original OEM prices
  • Get the ADVA Optical products you want without the costly hassle of being locked into cumbersome OEM update and maintenance contracts
  • Enjoy our lifetime warranty on all pieces of ADVA Optical equipment — at no extra cost to you

Don’t be forced to sacrifice savings for performance when you can have both with used ADVA Optical products from Worldwide Supply.

Your Old Network Equipment Can Earn You Additional Savings

Want more savings when upgrading your network? At Worldwide Supply, we’ll pay you cash for your old network equipment. You can also defray the costs of upgrades by trading in your old equipment and applying the value to your next purchase. The choice — like the significant savings — is completely yours.

For more information on buying or selling ADVA Optical networking equipment, feel free to use our contact form or call us directly at 888.328.2266.

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