Founded in 1993, Actiontec Electronics, Inc. manufactures broadband solutions for residential use to be managed by service providers. Their products allow service providers to manage, secure and assess home networks remotely to provide better internet at lower costs. To find Actiontec solutions for your broadband network, browse the online selection at Worldwide Supply. We have a large inventory of used products available at cost-effective prices.

Our Selection of Refurbished Actiontec Products

Actiontec offers several products for broadband systems. Our selection of used Actiontec equipment includes:

  • Adapters: We carry ethernet to coaxial HPNA network adapters, which allow high bandwidth content from new applications to be used in common formats. Adapters resolve the difference between ethernet and coaxial cabling, which is found in facilities with satellite TV.
  • Data networking products: These devices help manage your network and support large bandwidth applications.
  • Gateways: This networking device provides an internet connection for various devices and is ideal for regulating traffic between two different networks.
  • Routers: Worldwide Supply carries the Mi424wr wireless router and N VDSL V1000H wireless router. Both of these devices support high-speed internet service and can increase service speeds.
  • Modems: The external 56K V.92 modem and 56K V.92 external data and fax modem increase the speed of dial-up internet service, so you can perform tasks faster.
  • Wireless display: Wireless display receivers connect to a device and enable wireless content sharing.

Why Choose Worldwide Supply?

With our large inventory of used Actiontec devices, Worldwide Supply has everything you need for your broadband network. Every product we list for sale undergoes an extensive quality assurance process to ensure it works as expected. Our customers enjoy free standard warranty protection, technical support, consultation services and spare part and repair services. With Worldwide Supply, you can get the most value out of your equipment.

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