Legacy Acterna Equipment for Your Network

Founded in 1959, Acterna was an industrial equipment producer for a wide range of companies and applications. Later in its life, the company focused on communications equipment and global network solutions and support. It built out tools and equipment for three core business units: digital color enhancement, industrial communications and communications testing tools.

Back in 2005, it was acquired by JDS Uniphase and its product lines were rolled into different JDS families. The brand has since renamed itself to VIAVI Solutions and some of its current equipment is still compatible with older Acterna solutions.

Today, the company’s existing and legacy equipment is still used in many networks to test equipment and networks before installation or maintenance. Solutions exist for cable, optical, wireless and access networks and equipment. Our customers report Acterna equipment still operating successfully and enhancing network testing. This has led Worldwide Supply to continue to purchase used Acterna tools and offer a wide range of refurbished Acterna solutions to our customers.

Save With Used Acterna Solutions

While Acterna tools have reached their EOS and some EOL dates, they continue to perform with proper maintenance. As a result, Worldwide Supply carries a range of advanced network testers, or ANTs, wideband test units and other needed tools at a reduced rate.

For all refurbished Acterna products, we fully test them in-house with our experts. By simulating performance in real-world environments, we ensure they meet original OEM standards. Each option is backed by a lifetime warranty and we’re also available to discuss the purchase of your used Acterna testing equipment for trade-in or a cash infusion for your network.

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