Monitor Your Network’s Health With New and Used Accedian Equipment

Mobile backhaul, business service, small cell and service provider SDN solutions can ensure their performance with the right tools from Accedian. Save even more by choosing Worldwide Supply as your purchase partner, thanks to our big selection of refurbished Accedian equipment.

The Canadian firm was formed in 2004 and has consistently focused on solutions for businesses and enterprises as well as cable MSOs, data centers and operators running mobile networks or related services. The most well-known brand from Accedian is its SkyLIGHT virtualized performance assurance platform that promises complete network visibility, continuous monitoring and performance testing, traffic conditioning, H-QoS, activation testing, remote packet capture and more.

In recent years, the company has also expanded with solutions that help you combine troubleshooting over DOCSIS and fiber with service validation and big data analytics to monitor and manage the quality of your offerings. Typically, these solutions also run on the SkyLIGHT platform.

Stay profitable with SLA-backed services and integrated testing solutions that come from used and refurbished Accedian networking equipment.

Why Choose Worldwide Supply

Refurbished Accedian equipment offers you the best opportunity to test, monitor and protect your network while still staying on budget for your growth plans. At Worldwide Supply, it’s our mission to help you grow in an affordable manner, with services and equipment designed to boost you at any stage of development.

We do that by taking used Accedian equipment and giving it to a team of experts to fully refurbish it and bring it back up to OEM standards. Then, you get the savings of buying used without any quality loss or concern. Browse our full selection below of equipment that comes with a lifetime warranty and is ready to help you expand.