Why Cable Operators Work With Worldwide Supply

Why Cable Operators Work With Worldwide Supply

Market competition is heating up and putting significant pressure on cable operator networks to cut costs and increase service while your customers connect more devices and hog greater amounts of bandwidth than ever before. Speeds from five years ago won’t cut.

All of this combines to put cable operators under the gun as they balance service pricing with continual network upgrades and updates. We want to be the solution you use to rise to this challenge by providing you with the best new and used cable company technology, and offering to buy back much of the equipment your network can no longer use.

Cable Company Technology

Worldwide Supply is often asked by new customers why so many global cable operators work with us, and it boils down to one core tenant: we offer reliable technology and maintenance for all network demands and price points.

Any company can say they’ve got a new CMTS or headend, but we take it a step further and provide your team with options to meet network demands. By pairing that knowledge with new and refurbished equipment, we help partners grow with tools that they can afford.

Worldwide Supply experts work on every piece of used equipment we buy and bring it back up to OEM standards. Components are then tested in real-world scenarios, so you know that a local site or something in your core data center will work right the first time and as long as you need it.

Come to us with what you need and we’ll help you find the right part. We offer a variety of specialized solutions for cable operator networks, including:

  • Equipment compatible with legacy networks
  • Spares and parts management for legacy and new infrastructure
  • EEF&I services for DOCSIS 3.0, 3.1 and CCAP
  • Lifecycle management services designed to consolidate headends and other network equipment
  • Cost savings of up to 90% off OEM pricing for new equipment, parts, supplies and more
  • CMTS Health Check Services: evaluates your current CMTS utilization, reviews concerns for expanding service offerings, and provides solutions for improvement and growth.

Everything we do is designed to support our cableco partners. Keep reading to learn a little more about our maintenance programs, or jump right in and start browsing CMTS, including the Cisco UBR10000 and ARRIS C4.

Leading Maintenance Services for Your Entire Network

How much are you spending on maintenance and service for your Cisco products? Is that cost separate from your ARRIS or Juniper gear? Do you have yet another maintenance contract for your legacy headends?

All of that work to manage these contracts gets time-consuming and expensive. You deserve something better, and your team deserves less of a headache when it comes to maintaining and growing your network. Plus, when something has gone wrong, you want as few cooks in the kitchen as possible so there are minimal delays in getting gear replaced and equipment back up and running.

Simplify it so you can focus on what’s important in your network. Worldwide Supply offers you an easy way to do just that: NetGuard Maintenance.

NetGuard is our comprehensive third-party maintenance and management services program designed to cover all OEM brands and hundreds of product families under a single contract. Keep your entire network going strong with checklists, repairs, maintenance and other services that have everything covered.

It’s a safe alternative to OEM maintenance with no pressure for upgrades or updates, 24/7 technical support, global service centers to deliver help quickly to any location and a cost savings of 50% to 90% off your existing costs based on how much coverage we provide.

The OEMs Your Cable Operator Network Demands

At the end of the day, it’s about the safety and reliability of your network. The maintenance, management, spares and repairs are all needed to strengthen your business.

To help, we offer a full suite of products and services with leading CMTS, headends, transceivers and much more, all certified as reliable and ready to go. You can buy new systems from us or choose refurbished solutions designed to save you money.

Be sure to ask us about logistics support and management tools designed for cable operators expanding in residential and business service locations, from dense metros to last-mile solutions that serve just a few customers.

No matter how you need to grow, Worldwide Supply has the right cable company technology to help you do it.

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