NetGuard: The Smartnet Alternative

How Worldwide Supply is changing the equipment warranty landscape and saving businesses money with true Cisco Smartnet alternative

smartnet alternativeFRANKLIN, NJ ‑ The fast-paced world of network engineering is an ever changing frontier that not only brings faster technology, but bigger problems to match. Many IT staffers are familiar with juggling multiple service agreements for their equipment which, more often than not, means juggling multiple phone numbers, login credentials and websites. You may be familiar with Cisco’s SMARTnet service, which is designed to alleviate this problem. Worldwide Supply is proud to offer the best Cisco SMARTnet alternative.

The Cisco Smartnet alternatives offered by Worldwide Supply eliminate this hassle with their NetGuard maintenance program, an all-encompassing security blanket for every piece of networking hardware owned by businesses. Users can consolidate all of the equipment covered under the program into an easy to use portal – it’s here where one can request maintenance or replacement for the equipment listed, eliminating the need to contact multiple vendors.

Additionally, NetGuard shines with the products it covers. We say it’s the best smartnet alternative because subscribers are not limited to one brand. Every piece of hardware gets the same guaranteed protection regardless of manufacturer or technology. When combined with easy access to Worldwide Supply’s in-house Certified Service Engineers, knowledge base, and service request management, NetGuard is on its own tier when it comes to support services.

“Whether your equipment is Cisco, Juniper, Arris, or any other OEMs, we have a NetGuard solution for your company,” said Jay Van Orden, CEO of Worldwide Supply. “Each and every one of us at Worldwide Supply is focused on ensuring that we meet or exceed our clients’ expectations in every way.”

Another problem that engineers frequently run into is when necessary equipment they have, equipment that is still vital to the operation of their network, is no longer supported by the original manufacturer. NetGuard is a true smartnet alternative because covers end-of-life products negating the hassle and saving time that otherwise would have been spent searching for a new replacement or someone willing to make a pricey repair.

NetGuard also makes a good smartnet alternative because has a bevy of options and is customizable to fit the needs of your business not matter the size. It’s dependable and there when you need it, it doesn’t require a network retrofitting, but instead covers the equipment you want protected at leading market rates. Customers routinely save 30 to 50 percent on warranty costs when compared to other leading services, which is why they regularly choose NetGuard as their smartnet alternative.

“Accountability, Integrity, Dedication, Teamwork, Flexibility,” said Van Orden.  “That is our commitment to our clients.”

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