6 Step Process to Cisco End of Life

Do not feel forced to upgrade your end-of-life Cisco equipment, Worldwide Supply is here to help you maximize the actual life of your equipment and support.

6 steps you will experience as your networking equipment nears end-of-life:

Step 1: End of Life Announcement

Cisco releases a statement of the product and part number that are no longer being distributed to the public.

Step 2: End of Sale

Cisco releases the last day to order the product.

Step 3: End of Software Maintenance Releases

Cisco’s engineering releases the last updated software for the product.

Step 4: End of Software Maintenance Support

Cisco stops updating and repairing software for the product.

Step 5: Last Support Before End of Life

Cisco allows customers to get service and support for the product until given date of end of life.

Step 6: End of Life

Product and part numbers are no longer available through Cisco.


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