Spares Management

As companies continue to rapidly expand operations across their networks, the risk of financial loss due to part failure and repair downtime increases exponentially. Having the right spare parts on hand when you need them can save your company both time and money.

However, the process of acquiring, storing, deploying and managing a spare parts inventory can be a costly expense. With increasing pressures to reduce costs, companies need to look for new solutions to free up capital from unnecessary spares purchases and invest it in new customer services.

Create a Smarter Supply Chain

The heart of the Worldwide Supply Spares Management program rests in your supply chain. The faster we can introduce spares and replacements to your network — the more integrated we are with your procurement and supply chain — the quicker your downtime turns back into uptime.

Our experts work hard to create a strategic reserve of spare parts and maintenance resources at the right place relative to our clients. By injecting qualified parts and spares into your network, we’ll ensure that you can bring your network around as needed, as soon as possible.

Run Lean, Smart and Affordable

The biggest reason to turn to a spares management program — especially for costly OEM goods like Cisco spares — is that we prioritize your network’s reliability while absorbing many of the costs of a traditional spares management program.

You no longer need to worry about storing parts you’ll never need or having to carve out shelves and inventory space that could be better used for growth and common tools.

Worldwide Supply maintains the inventory of spares and pays for all those associated costs, while you only need to worry about contacting us when you have a need. Save money and have repairs available to you at a moment’s notice instead of needing to dig through your warehouse management tools to find the right part, get it on a truck and hope it arrives in time.

Join today’s leading network operators who are turning their Cisco spares teams and other OEM programs into an outsourced model that relieves costs and reduces headaches. It’s time to stop thinking of it as spares management and move to embracing third-parties as a team member focused on maintaining your uptime.

A Turnkey Solution with One Single Point of Contact

Worldwide Supply provides a total network lifecycle of services that integrates material planning, logistics, warehousing, transportation, vendor management, and repair into one fully scalable solution with one single point of contact with a cost savings benefit of 40-60% on Capital and Operating expenditures.

We provide a wide array of spares management services and solutions which include:

  • Proven Global Track Record of Success
  • Multi-Vendor Solutions
  • Same or Next Day Replacement Parts
  • Streamlined Logistics
  • Immediate Reduction in Inventory Costs
  • Offset Repair Costs
  • Presence in over 79 Countries and 400 Locations

You’ll also save plenty on operational expenses too. There’s no more searching for parts and manually recording levels, turning to an expensive warehouse system for cycle counts or accidentally running out because you forgot to reorder. Let us worry about that while you focus on what matters most: serving your customers.

Contact us online, at or call 888.328.2266 to learn about our spares management services.