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Computer Networking Equipment Rental or Lease

You’ve got an immediate need. No budget. We have you covered. Network equipment you need without the purchase.

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Worldwide Supply offers a variety of equipment rental and leasing options to fill short-term requirements for networking and telecommunications technology when budgets have been exhausted. Worldwide Supply rental and lease equipment is subject to the same stringent testing and high-quality standards as the pre-owned, refurbished, and used computer networking equipment available to all our clients. Our $500 Million inventory includes routers, switches, optical transport, security and wireless products, including microwave radios, base stations and dc power, from leading manufacturers like Cisco, Alcatel/Lucent, Arris, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens and many more.

Why our Clients Rent Computer Networking Equipment

Our clients tell us rental equipment offers a cost-effective solution for companies that need computer networking products on a temporary basis. Our clients tell us they rent networking equipment for training environments, disaster recovery, relocation projects, testing and simulation and for planned events. When budgets are constrained, renting equipment is a cost-effective alternative to meet critical project deadlines or as a temporary solution until budget is available for network or telecommunication purchases.

Why our Clients Lease Computer Networking Equipment

Our clients tell us leasing is a smart alternative when they need computer networking equipment for periods ranging from a few months to five years but want to conserve their budget and minimize purchase risk. Worldwide Supply’s flexible terms typically do not require a down payment, and payments are fixed for the term of the lease. Leasing equipment also reduces the risk of investing in leading-edge technology that may be obsolete in just a few years.

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