Rittal has been bringing innovative technology solutions to the networking industry since the 1960s. Today, the brand serves companies and network operators in dozens of countries around the world. Known for designing and configuring equipment enclosures, Rittal built its reputation by securing and protecting technology integrity.

At Worldwide Supply, we support all types of networks and telecom applications with a selection of new and refurbished Rittal equipment. Our used OEM solutions are quality-certified, so you can rest assured that each product is durable and efficient.

Rittal Equipment Options From Worldwide Supply

New and used Rittal equipment enclosures are built to protect your electrical components, cables and other sensitive equipment from exposure to damaging elements or environments. Whatever type of network or applications you use, the proper enclosure can help increase safety in your facility and extend overall system longevity.

Worldwide Supply carries refurbished networking racks for operators who want to better organize and secure their systems. This sturdy chassis will provide a safe and convenient place to stack networking devices so you can manage each component more effectively. All our Rittal networking racks offer full functionality and benefits for just a fraction of the retail price, which helps you save money on high-end solutions.

Why Work With Worldwide Supply?

We care about more than supplying the right product. We want to make sure you have all the resources and support you need to operate a safe, fast enterprise or subscriber network. Benefits of choosing our new and refurbished Rittal solutions include:

  • Lifetime warranty coverage
  • Support for equipment from 200 OEMs
  • Same-day and next-day deliveries
  • Fast inquiry response time
  • Preventative maintenance and repair services

Our TL9000 certification ensures that we use high-quality practices when it comes to handling, refurbishing, configuring, packaging and selling OEM equipment. In addition, we keep our inventory up to date by buying and refurbishing used Rittal equipment from customers like you. You can also trade in excess or outdated equipment for the upgrades you need.

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