Companies in the telecommunications industry use Radio Frequency Systems equipment to keep their broadcast networks in optimal shape while maintaining peak system performance. RFS has been in business for almost 120 years. Today, it plays a major role in the distribution of powerful wireless networking solutions.

If you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective way to increase network traffic or make the most of older equipment solutions, turn to Worldwide Supply. We carry a selection of new and refurbished RFS products. Our OEM hardware is tested and covered by a lifetime warranty so you can rely on continued quality and efficiency.

Enhance Network Bandwidth With New and Used RFS Equipment

At Worldwide Supply, we’re committed to providing scalable OEM solutions for network providers of all shapes and sizes. Our inventory of new and used RFS hardware gives you access to quick replacements and upgrades when you need them.

We provide multiple RFS telecom products, such as antennas and amplifiers designed to improve signal management strategies. From multi-band wireless services to enhanced connections of dual polarized radio waves, our refurbished products deliver a variety of features that can transform your system into a more efficient subscriber network.

In today’s market, phone and internet users demand faster, stronger connections. You can maintain high-quality signals at a reasonable price with new and refurbished RFS amplifiers and antennas. Our pre-owned products come at discounts of 50-80% off, and the durability of RFS solutions helps ensure a worthy long-term investment. These signal management products combined with our professional maintenance and support services give your technology room to evolve.

Sell or Trade Your Old RFS Equipment

Expanding our selection of OEM equipment is how we do business. That’s why we often buy and trade used RFS hardware so we can restore and resell signal management solutions. If you choose to sell your equipment to us, you’ll receive a cash offer or account credit that you can use on replacements and upgrades.

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