Olson Tech

As an industry leader in electronic and fiber optic networking solutions, Olson Technology, Inc. works with all types of businesses and network providers. Olson Tech has been serving customers since 1985 with a variety of broadband Radio Frequency equipment and systems. It offers some of the highest quality solutions in terms of modulation, processing and optical transport.

Ordering replacement parts and upgrades for your OEM network can be simple and hassle-free. At Worldwide Supply, our inventory includes multiple new and refurbished Olson Tech products. Our experienced professional engineers are ready to meet your specific needs. We can develop a customized solution to maximize the potential of your Olson Tech system.

Boost Your Network With Olson Tech Solutions

When it comes to enhancing your broadband network, you need trustworthy, long-lasting system components. Refurbished Olson Tech equipment offers all the features and benefits of brand new products, so you can establish more secure connections over TV networks while saving money.

Worldwide Supply carries new and used Olson Tech equipment models from popular OEM product lines. From frequency-agile television demodulators to TV processors, we offer a variety of Olson Tech products that are built to support smooth data, audio and video transmission applications. With high-quality optical transport capabilities, you’ll have the freedom to scale and make adjustments according to changing industry or subscriber demands.

Benefits of Working With Worldwide Supply

With our wide selection of OEM parts and third-party support programs, your Olson Tech network is in good hands with Worldwide Supply. Take advantage of our 50-80% discounts on refurbished equipment, fast deliveries and long-term maintenance services. We work with businesses and network operators around the globe, delivering like-new products and affordable support every day.

In addition, we offer both selling and trading options to network operators who need to dispose of used Olson Tech equipment. Expect high-value cash offers and the quick, efficient removal of your outdated system parts.

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