Huawei SFP+ Compatible Optical Transceivers

Huawei is a major telecom industry superpower that provides both personal and business connectivity solutions for a broad range of consumers around the globe. SFP+ compatible transceiver modules offer an easy, economical way to maintain full Huawei network functionality without having to invest time and money into major repairs and upgrades.

Save on a high-quality pre-owned or refurbished piece of equipment and avoid costly replacement parts or system upgrades. With refurbished Huawei SFP+ compatible optics from Worldwide Supply, you can maintain the performance of both newer and older Huawei systems — even ones that no longer receive OEM support.

Strengthen Your Network With Huawei Transceivers

By plugging one of Worldwide Supply’s new or refurbished Huawei SFP+ compatible optics into one of your system’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, you can improve transmission rates across the network. We offer both traditional and bi-directional modules, and our fiber types include single-mode and multi-mode.

Our used Huawei SFP+ compatible optics are suitable for Huawei networks and guaranteed to function as effectively and seamlessly as a brand new product from the manufacturer. Many of our Huawei transceiver modules can handle transmission ranges of up to 80km, which allows them to establish and terminate better connections over long distances. Despite the fact that SFP+ is an older standard for data transmission applications, it is still a popular choice for network operators because of its versatility and ease of use.

Why Work With Worldwide Supply?

You can use our cost-effective refurbished Huawei SFP+ compatible optics to establish more powerful, secure connectivity for your staff or consumers. Working with Worldwide Supply to meet your Huawei transceiver needs comes with many benefits, including:

  • A huge selection of warrantied equipment
  • Quick responses and deliveries
  • 24×7 technical support programs
  • Ongoing repairs and maintenance
  • Up to 80% off equipment discounts
  • Equipment trading and selling options

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