HP SFP+ Compatible Optical Transceivers

HP technology is well-known by businesses and service providers around the world for its broad range of current and legacy solutions. At Worldwide Supply, we carry a huge selection of HP equipment, along with multiple new and refurbished HP SFP+ compatible optics.

Our SFP+ transceiver modules are adaptable and designed to support both older and newer HP technology. These products help you save money and enjoy a more effective, reliable way to manage your commercial network’s data transmission applications.

High-Efficiency HP SFP+ Compatible Optics From Worldwide Supply

Our new and used HP SFP+ compatible optics offer 10 Gigabit Ethernet service over single-mode and multi-mode fiber networks. These transceivers are small and easy to use, and their hot-swappable functionality makes them adaptable to almost any situation. This flexibility and versatility can help you reduce downtime and overall operational costs.

Whether you want to extend network reach, maintain transmission performance levels or fix a connectivity issue, we have a product with the right date rate, range and wavelength specifications. Each of our refurbished HP SFP+ compatible optics undergoes a thorough inspection process in our testing center.

Worldwide Supply HP optics are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for multiple application requirements
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty

If you’re ready to invest in a long-term maintenance solution, we offer third-party support opportunities for customers. We do everything from next-day spare part deliveries and 24-hour remote technical support to timely onsite repairs and preventative maintenance.

Make the Most of Your Old SFP+ Optics

Worldwide Supply offers a fast and economical way to get rid of old or excess HP SFP+ compatible optics. Contact our representatives, and we’ll give you a cash offer estimate for the equipment you want to sell and make plans for removal as soon as possible. Through our Trade & Exchange program, you can also exchange used equipment for replacement hardware and upgrades.

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