F5 SFP+ Compatible Optical Transceivers

SFP+ is a high standard of transmission capabilities for telecom systems all around the world. While it was first launched in the early 2000s as an upgrade to the traditional SFP module, many organizations still use SFP+ technology to keep their networks operating smoothly.

F5 provides a variety of equipment and solutions aimed at building faster, more secure communication systems. With our selection of new and refurbished F5 SFP+ compatible optics, you can handle all your business’s data transmission applications.

Refurbished F5 SFP+ Compatible Optics From Worldwide Supply

At Worldwide Supply, we carry multiple transceiver modules, such as the F5-UPG-SFP+-R and F5-UPG-SFP+LR-R models, that are suited for F5 networks and ports. F5 SFP+ optics offer high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet over fiber networks and can support faster data rates than SFP modules. At rates of 16 Gbps, you can count on these optics to provide the necessary specifications for your connectivity needs.

The advantages of investing in one of these solutions include:

  • Your choice of single-mode or multi-mode fiber options
  • Variable transmission distance to support multi-size applications
  • Increased port density and flexibility
  • A lifetime warranty and discounts of up to 80% on refurbished products
  • Maintenance, repair and support opportunities

Our goal is to make sure you have all the resources and support to keep your network up and running for as long as possible. In our equipment testing center, we examine every product in our inventory for OEM quality. Our refurbished F5 SFP+ compatible optics are guaranteed to deliver features and benefits that match industry and manufacturer standards.

Trade In Your Old Optics for Cash

Are you looking to make the most of your current used F5 SFP+ compatible optics or other OEM equipment? Contact us today, and we’ll configure a plan to remove your worn or outdated technology. We’ll also offer cash or account credit for your contribution to our inventory. Whether you want to earn some extra funds or trade equipment for upgrades, we have a solution available.

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