Epson is known as one of the world’s top providers of commercial and personal printers, scanners and other imaging hardware. Founded in Japan almost 80 years ago, this company has become a major contributor to the telecom and imaging industry.

For businesses and network operators who have a history with Epson hardware or want to save money on high-quality equipment, we offer multiple new and refurbished Epson products at a reduced price. At Worldwide Supply, we carry a variety of solutions to help you meet the ever-changing demands of technology.

Third-Party Epson Equipment From Worldwide Supply

Epson equipment provides scalability and strength for your business technology, which is essential for continued growth and success. Whether you need a replacement for a failing piece of hardware or a solution to expand your services, we offer a certified and tested Epson solution that meets your needs.

Our inventory of new and used Epson equipment includes receipt printers and logo plates for use with Epson systems:

  • Epson Receipt Printer: The receipt printer comes with its own power adapter and is designed to deliver crisp, clear images for your printing applications. This product is light, energy-efficient and enhanced with USB port capabilities.
  • Epson Logo Plate: The Epson logo plate provides a simple, durable substrate that’s fit for compatible Epson printers. You can count on this logo plate for an aesthetically pleasing print job of the title or message you need to convey.

Enhanced Technology Solutions and Support

Because we provide third-party products and services, we have a vast working knowledge of all types of equipment from hundreds of highly respected manufacturers. The benefits of investing in our refurbished Epson products include:

  • A standard lifetime warranty and continued technical support
  • Discounts of up to 80% on pre-owned parts
  • Equipment maintenance and repair opportunities
  • Thorough testing for refurbished equipment
  • The option to sell and trade used Epson products for upgrades

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