Enterasys SFP+ Compatible Optical Transceivers

Enterasys Networks was acquired by Extreme Networks in 2013. As a result, it’s become more challenging for operators to find the Enterasys products and support that they need at an affordable price. At Worldwide Supply, we offer a wide variety of popular and hard-to-find equipment from this brand, including a diverse line of Enterasys SFP+ compatible optics. Our 100% compatible transceiver modules will help extend the life of your current system while saving your organization time and money.

Expand Your Network With Refurbished Enterasys SFP+ Compatible Optics

10GBASE refurbished Enterasys SFP+ compatible optics set a high standard for data transmission applications on enterprise and subscriber networks. While SFP+ transceivers are just as compact and adaptable as traditional SFP modules, they stand apart due to their efficient data rates, which can reach up to 16Gbps. The Enterasys compatible optics we have in stock range from maximum distances of 220m to 80km for applications of all sizes and specifications.

You can increase your system’s port density with new and used Enterasys SFP+ compatible optics by easily swapping out devices on demand. This is ideal for businesses that want to reduce downtime and maximize system productivity.

Scalable Solutions From Worldwide Supply

The advantage of working with a third-party provider like Worldwide Supply is that we offer refurbished and pre-owned equipment for up to 80% off initial costs. Our product quality and commitment to system longevity will also help you save on operational and repair costs and stay within budget.

At Worldwide Supply, we’ll help secure your network with:

  • A standard lifetime warranty on pre-owned products
  • Quick response time for inquiries
  • 24-hour technical support programs
  • Preventative maintenance and repairs
  • Our massive inventory of spare parts and equipment

In addition, we can make your technology investment more cost-effective by buying your used Enterasys SFP+ compatible optics. Our cash offers reflect the highest possible value, and we’ll even trade equipment if you’re ready to implement the latest upgrades.

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