Cyan SFP+ Compatible Optical Transceivers

As networking and communications technologies continue to develop, commercial network operators are seeking new ways to maintain and improve their systems. Cyan helps clients achieve a competitive edge in telecommunications every day. At Worldwide Supply, we carry an extensive selection of Cyan equipment and a variety of SFP+ transceiver modules.

Our new and used Cyan SFP+ compatible optics offer high-efficiency 10 Gigabit Ethernet service and are 100% fit for Cyan systems. We’ll be happy to help you find the right product you need from our extensive inventory.

Refurbished Cyan SFP+ Compatible Optics From Worldwide Supply

Find the specific SFP+ transceiver you’re looking for, one that is designed to operate smoothly with Cyan networks and ports. These interoperable, hot-swappable modules can increase the speed and quality of transmission applications while helping you lower expenses.

The SFP+ optics we have in stock range from low-demand, small application transceivers to modules for larger enterprise or subscriber network connections. Our highest performing products can reach distances of 80km, which is excellent for businesses looking to scale or expand their services.

We understand that companies prioritize quality when it comes to their technology. That’s why we inspect each of our refurbished Cyan SFP+ compatible optics in a highly advanced testing facility. In addition, we cover all our products with a standard lifetime warranty so you can count on the maximum return on investment.

If you purchase affordable optics from our online store, be sure to take advantage of our third-party maintenance program, NetGuard. NetGuard provides a variety of benefits, including ongoing maintenance, repairs, 24-hour remote technical support, same-day delivery services and more.

Trade In Your Old Equipment for Upgrades

If you’re looking to dispose of used or excess Cyan SFP+ compatible optics or other outdated equipment, we offer a solution. Give us a call today, and we’ll provide a cash offer or apply a credit to your Worldwide Supply account for the equipment you’d like to sell.

Our compact SFP+ optics provide the support you need for complex Cyan data transmission applications. Request a quote today for more information about our product options.