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Refurbished and Used Cisco 2800 Series Routers

The biggest benefit of the Cisco 2800 Router Series is its versatility. The 2800 Series is designed for wire-speed delivery of highly secure concurrent services and can accommodate multiple T1/E1 connections for services including data, security, voice, video and wireless. The 2800 Series router was the first router from Cisco supporting network modules, therefore it is the least expensive Cisco router that you can install.

Advantages of Used Cisco 2800 Routers

Whether it’s a new excess, used or refurbished Cisco 2800 router that you’re in the market for, you’ll enjoy the following advantages of this highly adaptable piece of equipment:

  • Wireless networking: When you’re looking for a device that’s secure and flexible enough to support your business’s networking needs, the Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Router is the right choice. Improve your employees’ collaboration and productivity by allowing them to connect wirelessly to your network regardless of where they are in your office.
  • Voice: The Cisco 2800 supports advanced voice communication tools such as voicemail, call processing, conferencing and automated attendant to allow faster responses to your customers in a manner that saves you money on traditional long-distance calling charges.
  • Video: The advanced capabilities of the Cisco 2800 include economical video surveillance and other security options — plus, it supports live-streaming and on-demand media.
  • Virtual private networks: Offer your field and telecommuting staff a secure way to access the assets they need to accomplish their work via a secure network connection.
  • Modular architecture: With a broad selection of LAN and WAN options at your disposal, you have the freedom to upgrade your network interfaces by means of integrating future technologies. The 2800 Series offers several slot types that make it simple to add services and support connectivity in the future. Its modular architecture is a perfect fit for an “integrate-as-you-grow” approach.
  • Security: Using the highly secure Cisco 2800 can mitigate your network’s risk of exposure to security threats such as viruses and malware.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy maximum flexibility with your choice of connecting via cable modem, DSL, T1 or 3G wireless — for all of your primary and backup connections.

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