Telect DSX-3 6-Port BCS Module


Telect DSX-3 6-Port BCS Module (mini-WECO Jacks)

Part # 010-8401-0410

Refurbished Telect DSX-3 6-Port BCS Module

The Telect DSX-3 is a digital signal cross-connect that serves as the central terminal for digital equipment at specified bit rates. It’s your foundation for permanent and temporary connections.

The Telect DSX-3 6-Port BCS Module is a high-density DSX suitable for cross-connecting DS3, STS-1 and -3 plus E3 signals from your broadband equipment. It operates well across digital radio, fiber, multiplexers and both 3:3 and 3:1 DCS.

Give yourself a stronger, more affordable network by choosing a used Telect DSX-3 6-Port BCS Module today.

Powerful DSX-3 Module Networks

Worldwide Supply offers used and refurbished Telect DSX-3 6-Port BCS Modules that can create a unique DSX-3 network suitable for large and small central offices. We’ve also seen the modules support remote sites, customer locations and edge network configurations.

Boost the performance of your digital system environment by choosing from the best equipment frames for your customers and population centers. By incorporating a used Telect DSX-3 6-Port BCS Module, you can have network elements terminate under your control to improve the reliability of other networks from routers and radios to DCS and terminating equipment.

Telect DSX-3 Panel

Units feature a variety of additional equipment and deployment options, including the DSX-3 panel. This is an individual cross-connect panel or other set of shelf equipment that can be installed in a bay or mounted on a wall for reliable support in many different sites and situations. Worldwide Supply offers a variety of Telect DSX-3 panels, modules, bays and system kits.

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