RGB MMC 24 port 4 ASI Modules

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RGB MMC 24 port 4 ASI Modules

Part #  MMC-4-AC

Leading Modular Media Converters from RGB

RGB Networks offers some of the more popular modular media converters because of their ability to deliver a flexible, scalable platform that supports even the busiest of networks.

Worldwide Supply has chosen to offer used and refurbished RGB MMC 24 port 4 ASI Modules that are currently running as a leader of high-density solutions for ASI and Gigabit Ethernet conversions. The system is smart enough to manage multiple deployment settings to best deploy advanced video over IP services while cutting CapEx and OpEx.

Every used RGB MMC 24 port 4 ASI Modules from Worldwide Supply still provides you with the company’s top Video Intelligence Architecture, so you can easily deploy MMCs for the transition to Gigabit networks.

This model was the first unit on the market capable of converting up to 24 ports of ASI-to-Gigabit Ethernet and supporting conversions for eight Gigabit Ethernet inputs to ASI in a single rack unit. Simple and effective is the heart of this conversion tool, making it highly recommended more than a decade after its initial release.

Choosing used or refurbished RGB MMC 24 port 4 ASI Modules will give you an MMC that works with standard definition and high definition MPEG-2 transport streams that work with MPEG-2, MPEG-4 H.264/AVC and VC-1 compressed programs. Plus, it supports all audio formats and provides a complex pass-through of all tables to limit any loss during conversions.

Grow your network affordably and reliably with the inclusion of an RGB MMC from Worldwide Supply.

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