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Is your Tellabs phone network lacking the performance and stability it needs to keep up with current subscriber expectations? Then you could benefit from investing in a refurbished Tellabs subscriber carrier from Worldwide Supply. We stock a variety of subscriber carrier models, parts and accessories that can help your network deliver better data, video, voice and more.

These Tellabs subscriber carriers are secure, powerful pieces of equipment that can expand your network’s horizons and generate greater revenue. If you need an affordable replacement to support your current system and components or an upgrade for your older equipment, we’ll do more than provide a product you can rely on — we’ll support you with continuous services and maintenance.

How to Improve Your Business With Refurbished Tellabs Subscriber Carriers

A subscriber carrier can help you make the most of your business by facilitating high-density, high-speed telephone exchanges within your subscriber network. New and used Tellabs subscriber carriers are optimized to support consistent transport of signals along your fiber or copper-based network.

While networking technology is constantly evolving in today’s digital environment, many of these more seasoned subscriber carrier networks are still popular choices for long-term commercial use. If you stick with slightly older equipment instead of transitioning to the latest and greatest right away, you can rely on Worldwide Supply to continue providing the maintenance and spare parts you need.

Our inventory of refurbished subscriber carriers and accessories includes products such as the Tellabs AccessMax, the Tellabs TransMax, the PremMax 440 and more. Our products are scalable in design, and some of them even offer support for both TDM and IP networks. Thanks to their adaptive qualities and strong management capabilities, these subscriber carriers will improve your customer relationships and increase productivity for your system and employees.

What Worldwide Supply Can Do for You

At Worldwide Supply, we’re committed to finding the used Tellabs subscriber carrier that will provide long-term support for your subscriber network. In addition, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer affordable prices from some of the industry’s top refurbished models.

We’re happy to support you throughout the buying, installation and preventative maintenance processes as you integrate a Tellabs subscriber carrier with your network system. Backed by our standard lifetime warranty and continuous technical support, these products are ready to meet all your most challenging demands.

If you need an outlet to help you get rid of old equipment, we also buy used and outdated Tellabs models from our business partners. Contact us to learn more about how you can trade equipment for cash or newer technology from Worldwide Supply.

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