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Nortel power equipment is specifically engineered to provide superior power and control. As one of the industry's leading companies for wireline and wireless telecommunications products, the Nortel name was recognized from the very beginning. Although the company filed for bankruptcy in 2009, the name and great products still live on.

With two great refurbished Nortel power options, Worldwide Supply has exactly what you need whether you want to use the device for DC power supplies or radio signals or detectors.

Advantages of Refurbished Nortel Power Products

Nortel power products from Worldwide Supply include two solutions:

  • Nortel Helios Rectifier
  • Nortel Vector Switch

The Nortel helios rectifier is a leading product with a variety of features, including remote monitoring, temperature compensation and battery disconnect. A refurbished system will function with whatever telecommunication systems you have that need a -48 V DC input. The Nortel vector switch allows you to use ATM technologies to improve your network's performance and increase your business-class applications. This used Nortel power solution is a great way to save your company money.

Buying and Selling With Worldwide Supply

You can both buy and sell used Nortel power systems with Worldwide Supply. We have an extensive inventory of Nortel power solutions based on your needs. If you have used inventory your company doesn't need, we will give you cash to turn in your used system for us to refurbish.

Third-Party Service

Worldwide Supply is also here for your routine maintenance and other service needs. Whether it's a serious issue or a small fix, we can help you get back to work with minimal downtime.

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