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When it comes to providing cable services, you need a product that can multitask and help you manage some of your most challenging system needs. New and refurbished Harmonic edge QAM modulators offer a strong solution for your company’s delivery of digital television thanks to their variety of features and applications. Few cable product manufacturers can rival the energy efficiency and integration capabilities of Harmonic Inc.'s equipment.

Worldwide Supply’s mission is to grant you affordable access to the most reliable telecommunications equipment on the market. Our stock of edge QAM modulators from Harmonic will allow you to meet all your system’s high-density, heavy-demand requirements while delivering powerful data, video and voice services to your customers.

Integrating Refurbished Harmonic Edge QAM Modulators

What makes edge QAM such a valuable resource for cable TV providers across the industry? The main quality that separates QAM from edge QAM is that the latter supports switched digital video (SDV). This is a more efficient and dependable method of providing digital video services to consumers, as it uses a smaller amount of bandwidth.

Harmonic edge QAM modulators are versatile, technologically advanced tools that can help speed up company operations and service delivery. From video-on-demand (VoD) and SDV to D2E and more, these modulators will work with a variety of network applications. Our Harmonic products allow you to stream, broadcast and multiplex video and data through your IP network while saving space, power, time and money.

At Worldwide Supply, we carry a product line of Harmonic High Density Universal EdgeQAM Systems that supports the smooth, fast deployment of video and data to cable subscribers. These products’ high level of density, troubleshooting capabilities and multiplexing services ensure seamless integration of services that will foster business growth over time. All our used Harmonic edge QAM modulators are built and revitalized for long-term reliability.

Trade or Sell Your Harmonic Equipment

At Worldwide Supply, we do more than sell OEM-quality networking equipment — we’ll also accept all your used or outdated products. If you have any previous Harmonic edge QAM modulator models that you want to sell, we’ll offer you cash to remove them from your site.

In addition, we have a Trade & Exchange program for customers who are looking for technology upgrades. For any old equipment you offer us, we’ll apply a credit to your account that you can use to buy new or replacement equipment. It’s a win for both our company and yours!

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Our refurbished Harmonic edge QAM modulators are cost-effective, long-term solutions to your cable delivery needs. Take advantage of our lifetime warranty and 24x7 remote technical support when you order a product from our site. Contact us today for a quote!