Arris Cxm CMTS


The ARRIS CXM™ Series provides cable operators with the opportunity to multiply their ROI by enabling the transmission of data over already installed coaxial cable.

Introduced in the early 2000s, the ARRIS CXM models delivered secure broadband network and VLAN support, with network-wide packet encryption. The system operates above 900MHz, so it won’t interfere with the other traffic that is being carried on your installed coax cable.

Our work with these systems is designed specifically to get affordable used, refurbished ARRIS CXM units onto your network to provide the support you need.

Refurbished ARRIS CXM

ARRIS used its CXM line to create major networks across the U.S. for fast Ethernet-over-coax solutions for a wide range of hotels, businesses and even the Knoxville Raceway.

Solutions involving used ARRIS CXM equipment can deliver an average of 36 Mbps downstream while generating no interference of current video or cable modem traffic. They also support a variety of devices, such as handheld scanners, to access local servers.

Operators have consistently relied on the CXM series for its simple installation even for large systems, while blending high-capacity fiber optic service delivery and large-scale data services to cover an entire building with existing coaxial cable.

These units are reaching their end-of-service and end-of-life dates, so your best solution is to look for a partner like Worldwide Supply who will honor a lifetime standard warranty and can provide 24/7 support for your network and equipment.

We work with carriers and partners just like you to expand with the equipment you need at a rate that beats traditional OEM pricing. If refurbished ARRIS CXM products can help your network and you need to generate a new revenue line, reach out to us right now to make a purchase and consider selling your old networking equipment.

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