ADC SignalOn Series Splitter

New and Used ADC SignalOn Series Splitters

Building out a more reliable broadband service offering means keeping pace with some of the fastest competition on the planet. You can address that breakneck speed with new tools and configurations designed for reliability, like the ADC SignalOn Series Splitter.

This model is purpose-built to support high-speed data, video-on-demand, IP telephony and other data services that today’s broadband subscribers take for granted. They push for faster speed and clearer picture, and this is the right splitter to help you achieve just that thanks to smarter tools designed to maintain your RF signal network.

Worldwide Supply would like to highlight its selection of new and refurbished ADC SignalOn Series Splitter units that deliver unmatched density, RF, performance and top-grade reliability at a price that’s competitive to anything else on the market. We took an already-affordable unit and made it even more budget-friendly thanks to best-in-class technicians who can refurbish and rebuild as needed.

Choose Your ADC SignalOn Series Splitter

New and used ADC SignalOn Series Splitters carried by Worldwide Supply come with a variety of features and configuration options. Chassis options include passive and active models of 32, 20, 8, 4 and 2-position offerings with RUs ranging from one to five.

Give your engineers an easier time with a large chassis that includes unique cable management support, so they can work with top tools for simplifying RF signal management.

Check out our deals on the ADC SignalOn Series Splitter with Monitor, F Connector,2×4: 1,0 dB default and more below. The core component is part # N-MSF24M0

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