x86 Solutions

x86 Solutions have been a major part of computer technology and telecommunications applications since their beginnings in 1978. With x86 architecture, organizations and individuals can operate a variety of software while maintaining a high level of strength and performance. Whether you’re looking to upgrade database storage or simplify the management of your system’s infrastructure, new and used x86 solutions from Worldwide Supply will offer the longevity and scalability you need.

New and Refurbished x86 Solutions From Worldwide Supply

x86 systems are flexible, durable and efficient. While they started with 16-bit compatibility in the 1970s, they now most commonly provide 32-bit and 64-bit capabilities. Our selection of new and refurbished x86 solutions are ideal for organizations looking to improve system security, switch to cloud computing methods or maximize productivity. 

With an x86 server from Worldwide Supply, you’ll have the power to run bigger, more complex software while decreasing the costs of downtime for your business. Our Oracle solutions are hot-swappable with versatile configuration settings. 

Why Use Worldwide Supply Technology?

Worldwide Supply carries both new and refurbished telecom equipment from many reputable OEMs and product lines. We deliver x86 networking solutions at major discounts, and we work to protect your investment with a lifetime warranty. If you order one of our refurbished models, you’ll have as much room to scale up and grow as you would with a brand-new product directly from the manufacturer. 

If you have any questions about your piece of equipment, we offer 24-hour remote technical support programs to help. We’ll also support the growth of your system with an inventory of replacement parts and our cost-effective repair services. With our opportunities, you can say goodbye to expensive maintenance and repair costs.

You’ll also have the chance to lighten the burden of outdated equipment on your business. Reach out to us with a list of old x86 system components, and you may be able to receive a high-value cash offer!

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Our refurbished x86 solutions will help improve your bottom line with more cost-effective operations and enhanced energy-efficiency. Request a quote today for more information about the product you need!