Buy Refurbished Wiha Tools

Established in 1939, Wiha Tools is a leading maker of hand tools for a wide range of industries all across the globe. It has local subsidiaries in multiple countries including the U.S., China, Spain, England, France, Poland, Vietnam and Denmark. Worldwide Supply offers tools from Wiha because they combine quality craftsmanship with leading storage and protection.

Initially, we have a complete 80-piece insulated tool kit that comes in a rolling box. It features slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, inch and metric nut drivers, cutters, pliers, sockets, t-handles, terminal block screwdrivers and much more. The refurbished Wiha toolset is designed to give you everything you need for your main site, remote locations or in the trucks you roll whenever you need maintenance, repair and new installation support.

Everything You Need Beyond Used Wiha Tools

Worldwide Supply offers a complete selection of networking equipment to empower your team to get any job accomplished. You can find the right new or refurbished Wiha toolset below or browse other OEM pages to get servers, modems, microwave radios, head-ends, optical gear and much more, all designed to help you affordably build out your network.

Our mission is to give you access to leading equipment, parts, spares and tools at an affordable rate by focusing on our in-house refurbishing solutions. Everything is returned to OEM standards, allowing you to save as much as 80% off the original OEM pricing. Plus, the equipment we repair is backed by a lifetime warranty and can be further protected with our NetGuard Maintenance program.

Grab your used Wiha toolset below and then continue browsing for the right equipment at the right price.