VideoTek was acquired by the Leitch Technology Corporation back in 2004 — and since then, other businesses have bought out and sold Leitch. Despite this, Worldwide Supply still distributes refurbished VideoTek equipment for businesses that rely on these systems.

If you’re looking for commercial video equipment you can trust to deliver the best performance every day, VideoTek provides the ideal solution. Refurbished VideoTek products offer control and flexibility that will help you simplify operations while displaying high-quality video on every occasion. From broadcasting to monitoring, this brand provides long-term video instruments that will help your technology stay competitive in the ever-changing market.

Worldwide Supply Used VideoTek Equipment

VideoTek offers some of the industry’s top video, audio and Radio Frequency products. If your business operates on a fiber network or ASI streaming system, you will be pleased by this brand’s level of versatility and strength. You can depend on this equipment for high-speed performance, various customization possibilities and multiple input configuration options.

We have an extensive inventory of refurbished VideoTek products, including video generators, routing switches, demodulators, broadcast waveform monitors and more. If you need a specific model, you can look through our product pages to find the replacement or upgrade that fits your requirements.

Why Worldwide Supply?

When you work with Worldwide Supply, you’ll have access to all the used VideoTek instruments you need at a fraction of the manufacturer’s price. Our expert team offers affordable technical services and maintenance for all OEM equipment — this means you’ll receive reliable support, even for older or hard-to-find products.

All Worldwide Supply VideoTek equipment comes with our standard lifetime warranty. If you have any questions after installation, we also offer 24-hour technical support.

Sell Your VideoTek Equipment

Because our job is refurbishing network and technical equipment, we often accept second-hand products from our consumers. The next time you have outdated merchandise you’re ready to replace, we’ll offer cash or apply a credit to your account to take it off your hands. This will free up space at your facility and provide extra funds for upgrades!

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