New and Refurbished Trimm, Inc. Power Supplies

Since 1922, Trimm, Inc. has produced DC power distribution equipment for businesses in the data center and telecommunications markets. They make fuses, panels and circuit breakers for applications that require low or high amounts of amperage.

Our selection of new and used Trimm equipment includes refurbished options that deliver like-new performance at a discounted cost. At Worldwide Supply, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet your budget and required specifications.

Power Distribution Solutions for Telecommunications and Data Centers

Telecommunications equipment uses specialized hardware to distribute power and protect circuits from overload. Trimm manufactures four categories of power distribution products for telecom devices:

  • Power distribution panels: In telecommunication equipment, power distribution and breaker panels hold the fuses and breakers that protect the surrounding hardware. Trimm produces power distribution panels for a wide range of fuse types and telecom applications.
  • Fuses and disconnects: Telecom fuses defend power distribution circuits from overcurrent by melting and disconnecting the circuit. The types of fuses available from Trimm include GMT, KLM, TPS, TPA, TPL, TPC and TLS. Trimm also manufactures fused disconnects that manually control load circuits and provide fault and overload defense.
  • Circuit breakers: Breakers have a similar function to fuses in that they defend circuits from overload by shutting off when they detect high power levels. After a circuit breaker switches, you can reset it and continue using it.
  • Accessories: Trimm produces heat baffles, bridging clips and rack adapters to optimize power distribution and breaker panel setup.

Count on Worldwide Supply for Telecom Equipment

When you purchase telecom power supplies from Worldwide Supply, you’ll enjoy the advantages of:

  • TL 9000-certified quality assurance for internal auditing, equipment testing, refurbishing and our sales process.
  • A dedicated technical team who can answer your questions about specifications and compatibility.
  • Value-added services like asset recovery solutions, consignment programs, maintenance and repairs.
  • A standard lifetime warranty for OEM parts and equipment.
  • Hundreds of products in stock for fast delivery.

Learn More About Our New and Used Trimm Products

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