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Established in 1971, Toner Cable started as a multi-tap and antenna producer for the cable market. Today, they manufacture a full range of cable, computer system and satellite service solutions. Their digital and analog technology includes products for fiber optics, TV broadcasting, broadband video, headend electronics, radio frequency distribution and Ethernet networks.

Toner Cable currently specializes in fiber optic hardware, but at Worldwide Supply, we offer both modern and legacy Toner products for a variety of technologies. We sell new and used Toner Cable equipment for networking and telecommunications applications.

Reasons to Buy Cable and Networking Equipment From Worldwide Supply

Our dedication to customer service and product quality makes us a dependable supplier for telecommunications products. When you buy from our online store, you’ll experience the advantages of:

  • One-on-one technical support: You can count on our technical team to provide personalized support as you choose a compatible product for your infrastructure. Our experts have the training and experience to recommend equipment based on your budget, required features and current systems.
  • High standards for product and service quality: We’re one of less than 500 companies with TL 9000 certification for process controls. The TL 9000 standard covers internal auditing, inventory management and every step of equipment handling from its arrival at our warehouse to its delivery to your business.
  • Maintenance and asset recovery services: Our value-added solutions help customers like you manage your assets and equipment. We have a full range of asset recovery and consignment services to aid with inventory organization and maximize profits. You can also request maintenance or repair services from our technicians for your existing hardware.
  • Advanced testing and refurbishing facilities: Before adding used equipment to our store inventory, we perform extensive testing and refurbishing to bring it as close as possible to new condition. Our engineers use cutting-edge techniques to maximize the potential of these products.

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