Used and Refurbished TMAs From KMW Communications

Founded in 1991 as Korea Microwave, KMW manufactures equipment and components for mobile communication base stations. In the 1990s and 2000s, their American subsidiary produced networking equipment for US, AWS, PCS and WiMAX bands. These products included tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs) for cell signals.

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TMA Applications and Benefits

Also known as masthead amplifiers (MHAs), TMAs amplify a tower’s wireless network signal by balancing its Rx and Tx signals. The user installs one near the receiver antenna at the top of the cell tower where it will have the highest impact. You can integrate a TMA into a new base transceiver station or an existing one because of their ease of installation. TMAs deliver the following benefits for providers:

  • Increased uplink sensitivity
  • Improved signal reception
  • Extended coverage area
  • Fewer dropped calls
  • Improved handset battery life

Common TMA Configurations

The ideal TMA configuration for your base transceiver station (BTS) depends on the tower’s specifications. Three of the most common TMA setups are:

  • Received only/simplex (S): An S configuration suits systems with separate Rx and TX antennas and feed lines. In this setup, the installer connects the TMA to the Rx antenna and the BTS at their respective ports.
  • Single duplex configuration (D): When an antenna system has a common Rx and Tx antenna but separate Rx and Tx feed lines, you can use a D configuration. This installation separates the Rx and Tx antenna from the receiver and transmitter path. In a D configuration, the TMA connects to the Rx/Tx antenna and the BTS at their ports.
  • Dual duplex configuration (DD): Installers use a DD configuration when an antenna system has a single antenna and feed line for the Rx and Tx signals. Like the other configurations, the DD setup connects to the Rx/Tx antenna and BTs at their unique ports.

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