Pick Up Top Refurbished Terayon Equipment

Terayon Communication Systems is a leading creator of video networking applications for real-time services in the cable, satellite and telecom sectors. By working with service providers, the company has deployed thousands of digital video system components, including local services and advertising support, for a variety of Internet and TV options. The company also offers some voice and data services to both business and residential subscribers.

In 2006, Motorola acquired Terayon for around $140 million. However, its equipment is still in use in a variety of networks around the globe. Some of its older cable modems and home equipment are still available and much of its digital video solutions are able to power a variety of network solutions.

Used Terayon Equipment Available From Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of used and refurbished Terayon networking equipment you can use to improve your capabilities and bolster networks wherever a little help is needed. Our offering includes a variety of multi-channel integrated decoders, such as the CP 7600, which was one of the first 1RU decoders available. Browse our selection below to find the right configuration for your MPEG-2 and -4 video service support, quality monitors, audio supports and real-time decoding demands.

While the company was purchased in 2006, we still offer a selection of its goods that have been repaired and brought up to like-new status. These refurbished Terayon options are fully reviewed in-house and tested in real-world scenarios. Our experts ensure everything is reliable for your network and all used Terayon equipment we sell is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Start your savings with a refurbished Terayon selection below.