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Used Telco Systems: Carrier Ethernet Solutions at Smart Savings

Telco Systems has been creating edge telecom network solutions since the 1970s and currently focuses its work on intelligent end-to-end carrier Ethernet deployments, while also supporting the latest in MPLS, ATCA, mobile backhaul and more. It was purchased by BATM Advanced Communications in 2000 but operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary and continues to use its brand for new products and systems.

Some leading equipment from Telco Systems includes demarcation NIDs, aggregation switches, SDN and NFV solutions, the service management Edge Genia brand, rugged switches and FTTX switches. Worldwide Supply partners with a variety of carrier-grade telecom networks for Telco Systems that serve as strong growth and reliability tools.

Save With Used Telco Systems Equipment

We can help networks like yours grow at an affordable, reliable rate by offering equipment at a savings of up to 80% off OEM pricing. This is through used Telco Systems equipment that has been refurbished to meet our rigorous standards as well as those created by Telco itself. With real-world scenario testing and engineers who review every part during the repair process, our refurbished Telco Systems networking equipment is backed by a lifetime warranty and our excellent customer service for parts, repairs, maintenance and more.

This reliable brand also gives you a chance to make some of your investment back after the equipment has done its best for your network. Bring your used Telco Systems gear to Worldwide Supply and we’ll discuss our buy-back program options with you, for a little revenue boost or to reduce the expense of your next network upgrade.

Advantages of Used and Refurbished Telco Systems Equipment

Technological advancements and customer demands are forcing telecom providers to seek improved ways of balancing capital expenditures for equipment upgrades against budgetary concerns. Fortunately, with Worldwide Supply as your used Telco Systems equipment provider, you can access the high-quality pre-owned equipment you need at a fraction of the price you’d pay for it new.

In addition, our wide selection of used and refurbished Telco Systems equipment:

  • Supports the convergence of older forms of technology — such as PBX trunks
  • Helps reduce TCO — or total cost of ownership — by combining savings with cutting-edge solutions
  • Enables a wide variety of commercial Ethernet services — including support for advanced applications
  • Helps providers meet performance requirements of higher bandwidths
  • And much more

Technical Support and a Lifetime Warranty at No Added Cost to You

Of course, the decision to save on pre-owned equipment for your next infrastructure upgrade can only be made with confidence when you can rely on the equipment to perform like new from the moment it’s installed. That’s why our extensive inventory of pre-owned equipment from more than 200 leading manufacturers — including Telco Systems — comes with our industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Plus, to give you even more assurance in your purchase, we’ll offer experienced technical support — from delivery through installation and beyond — at no additional costs to you.

Benefits of Purchasing Certified Equipment From Worldwide Supply

We’re committed to delivering the maximum value on every hardware solution we offer. Shopping Worldwide Supply means you can enjoy our:

  • No-risk guarantee, which will allow you to always shop with confidence
  • 99% on-time delivery rating, which means you’ll get your equipment fast
  • 0.3% defect rating, which means you can count on the reliability of the equipment you purchase

To learn more about buying or selling used Telco Systems equipment, feel free to fill out our brief contact form, click on “Live Chat” or call us directly at 888.328.2266.

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