Choose New and Refurbished Sycamore Gear

If you’ve been in the game for any length of time, you’ve come across a variety of used Sycamore equipment. The company was an early leader in equipment that managed direct digital traffic and had a $45 billion valuation in 2000. In the following decade, the company struggled and stumbled down to $66 million, then sold off its optical business to Marlin Equity Partners as it spun out a variety of offerings.

It didn’t quite make the jump to optical networking equipment, so much of what you’ll find is in legacy systems. Worldwide Supply is happy to support these tools with a variety of refurbished Sycamore equipment as well as parts and maintenance options. If you’ve got used Sycamore equipment that needs support, use the chat at the top of the page or the buttons below to discover a path forward.

Improve Legacy Infrastructure With Used Sycamore Options

Networks need reliability and stability, which may mean you need to repair existing equipment as you upgrade and improve other segments. Stay online with a full selection of used Sycamore equipment to protect your network as it evolves.

Worldwide Supply offers a broad selection of equipment, parts, tools and more designed to work with legacy Sycamore gear. All of what we sell is covered by a lifetime warranty and comes at a discount of up to 80% off original OEM pricing. We can help you secure those hard-to-find parts and more if your network still demands used Sycamore options.