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Refurbished switches offer your company a great alternative to new products, so you can save money while still maintaining a high-quality infrastructure with top-notch reliability. Your company can also improve its bottom line with a new set of features that meet your exact needs.

Whether you want to build out an entry-level network with optimal LAN services or need a full feature-rich product that can support high-density networks, you’ll find the right used switches from the right OEM at Worldwide Supply. It’s everything you need to build a better business.

By focusing on the secondary hardware marketplace for switches, we serve companies with equipment purchases and sales all over the world. You can optimize your business and your cash flow as your needs change when you buy refurbished switches.

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Cisco switches offered by Worldwide Supply come with a lifetime warranty. This allows you to be confident knowing your choice provides safety and savings for your company for years to come. By securing refurbished switches that are fully tested, you’ll also get the right device for your needs at the right price for your budget.

Worldwide Supply offers Cisco switches that match every type of business need — from multilayer switches with network security offerings to switches with built-in Java and Web tools, or flagship models such as the Cisco 6500 Series. No matter what switch you choose, you’ll have integrated security that protects your entire network.

Cisco Series switches include:

  • C2950
  • C3650
  • C2960
  • C2970
  • C3650
  • C3850
  • C6800
  • Metro Ethernet
  • Nexus

Alcatel Lucent

Alcatel Lucent switches offered by Worldwide Supply include the 7250 model. By selecting this model as your choice for preferred used switches, you’ll benefit from a feature-rich Service Access Switch that supports the full range of voice and data services your enterprise relies on.

When you buy used switches such as the 7250, you’ll help your business increase revenues through innovative service offerings while increasing existing capabilities. Decrease your total costs from purchase through upkeep by selecting a certified and tested switch with low upfront costs. It’s guaranteed to work right from day one.

Get the Products You Need at Worldwide Supply

Pick your preferred OEM partner for the right switch to meet your needs. We also carry top models from Adtran, Juniper, Extreme and more. As your business grows, you can also sell used switches to Worldwide Supply and improve your bottom line.

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