Surge Gap

New and Refurbished Surge-Gap Products

Developed by Scientific Atlanta and Cisco, the Surge-Gap product line features passive taps for applications such as packet sniffing, intrusion detection and VoIP recording. These devices copy the traffic passing between a network device and cable for monitoring. Scientific Atlanta designs each generation of Surge-Gap passives to adapt to increasingly complex network needs, such as expanded voice, video and data.

Depending on our acquired inventory, we sell new and used Surge-Gap passives from current and past generations. Take advantage of the latest features with a new option, or save money with a refurbished Surge-Gap passive.

Advantages of Surge-Gap Passive Taps

The features and benefits of a Surge-Gap product depend on its specific series and can include:

  • Surge protection: Surge-Gap passives provide Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)-compliant surge protection based on their release year. Many models go beyond the industry standard to protect equipment from a variety of power conditions.
  • Adaptability: The Surge-Gap series features passives for a wide range of broadband networks. Products like the Surge-Gap Stretch Tap can adjust to different networks to assist with system upgrades. Providers with advanced broadband capabilities can also count on newer passives from this product line to handle complicated data requirements.
  • Reliability: When your network operates in demanding conditions, you can count on Surge-Gap passives to hold up to high currents. These units have leading hum modulation and power soak ratings for high-current networks.

How to Choose Equipment From Worldwide Supply

With hundreds of telecom hardware products in our inventory, you can choose an option that meets your budget and expectations. You have two main considerations when buying equipment from us:

  • New vs. refurbished: At Worldwide Supply, we perform an extensive refurbishing process that restores hardware to like-new condition, keeping the differences between our refurbished and new products minimal.
  • Older vs. newer models: If you need a product’s most recent features, you can benefit from newer models. If you can get by without these features, however, buying older equipment can save you substantial amounts of money.

Learn More About Specifications and Pricing

Our technical and sales teams can answer your questions about specific products and our sales process. If you need assistance, please contact our team online or call us at 888-328-2266.

Once you add all of the equipment you need to your cart, you can start the buying process by requesting a custom quote.